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I provide integrative psychotherapy and counselling, helping you to make sense of your situation and to find the right solutions to overcome your personal challenges.”

My Therapeutic Approach

I am a qualified and accredited integrative Psychotherapist based in Twickenham (TW2) offering personalised, confidential and relaxed one-to-one psychotherapy sessions for a wide range of life challenges and difficulties.


My way of working is based on integrative psychotherapy, in that I draw from a range of strongly evidenced psychological approaches. I have trained in different modalities, however, my thinking is primarily informed by psychodynamic and psychoanalytic literature. I place emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and I aim to establish a safe and supportive alliance with my clients. Our relationship and the space we co-create then allows us to explore how your past experiences and relationships are influencing your way of being in life as well as your choices, values, beliefs, relationships with others in the present. My clinical view is that most, if not all, of the psychic troubles we experience are rooted in early life experiences and traumatic events.

 Whatever your problems or symptoms might be in the here and now, it is likely that they are the consequence of the ways you have learned to manage or avoid these painful, frightening and distressing inner experiences. As a result, the repeated avoidance of emotions has the most detrimental impact on our wellbeing as we struggle to have a sense of who we really are, with what we want and don’t want, often leading to uncertainty and confusion, a loss of direction, and overall dissatisfaction with life.

My therapeutic aim in our work together is to appropriately and sensitively revisit and process earlier traumas and life experiences which can then lead to more creative ways of living your life and to the resolution of any unhelpful or dysfunctional patterns. In turn, this will allow you to find more effective ways to manage the inevitable stress and pain that life brings.

How we achieve your desired outcome in therapy depends on what this would look like to you and what you believe is standing in the way of you achieving this. This would likely involve me helping you understand your inner experience on both a conscious and unconscious level, and helping you to identify and let of go of the avoidance strategies that you have learned in order to cope with these experiences. As you become more comfortable with getting to know who you really and letting go of any maladaptive strategies, you will gain greater access to your inner experience, ultimately leading to the alleviation of symptoms, the development of a more coherent sense of self, and the removal of internal barriers to leading the life that you want.



My current fee is £95 for a 50-minute session. Payment for your session can be made using electronic transfer (BACS) only.

Insurance policy holders: I am recognised by the following health insurance providers: AXA, VitalityHealth, Aviva, Healix Health Services, WPA, IPRS Health, and Moving Minds.

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