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My clinic in Surbiton provides counselling and CBT services as part of an integrative psychotherapy approach. Before deciding on the appropriate treatment plan, I will conduct an initial consultation which considers what your goals are, if you have any symptoms you would like to alleviate and how your problems are currently impacting your life. By taking a holistic view of the problem and considering past traumas and events that could be impacting your coping mechanisms now, we can collaboratively decide on a course of action that is tailored to you.

My counselling in Surbiton is ideal for anyone experiencing difficulty in their life, whether because of a pre-existing condition or an experience. Dealing with factors such as sleep problems, low mood, bereavement and stress, counselling is an effective way to discuss your problems at length and better understand them, which overtime can lead to greater control and understanding and/or reduced symptoms.

If you currently feel low, anxious or challenged by something in your life, then my counselling in the Surbiton and Kingston area aims to help you. You can get in touch with me to discuss what it is you are experiencing, how you would like to deal with it and whether or not I can help by emailing me at or calling 07988 990 350.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a talking therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of issues. From conditions such as anxiety and depression through to phobias and sleep problems, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is widely accredited as a useful and effective treatment. By challenging repetitive cycles of behaviour that are holding you back, my CBT in Surbiton focusses on the problems you are experiencing now and makes sense of them by breaking them down and assessing where they stem from.

Exploring past events, worries about the future and other mental and physical factors, I will work with you to understand the thoughts and feelings that are impacting your life and to realign them and develop new coping mechanisms which can be employed outside of therapy to enhance your circumstances. The number of CBT sessions that you require will depend on your presenting issues and your goals, but this can be discussed at consultation.

Counselling Services

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